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why submit only partially finished works? WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY!!!


but for some reason still hilariously funny... i don't know why... maybe it appealed to my inner child... fap fap fap


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SlashFirestorm responds:

I found it even more funny because it's always fun to kick your own ass. :-D


It made no sense, but i liked it

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Good but glitchy

I'm not really one for writing reviews but i enjoyed this enough to write one:

thing is even though i enjoyed the game there were a few glitchy bits in it, nothing especially major, but enough to niggle me, at one stage the "hotkeys" stopped working for me dunno why (also i think if you press a button twice like G then G not only does the selected guy not throw a grenade but it skips the rest of his turn

also saw some animation glitches while playing nothing major though (p.s. are dropped enemy guns supposed to dissapear after a short while?)

others have said some of the stuff that needs to be addressed on this game (like not being able to rename the classes you create) it might have been an idea to include a how to section on how to use the class creation screen, as i'm not sure if weapons have to be picked up from enemies before being used or what

still i did really enjoy the game, if this sounds like a rant it wasn't meant to be, just some constructive criticism

lautan responds:

The hotkeys are fine. I don't know what your talking about. Yes enemy guns do disappear.

You can name classes. Select the class, below the class selecter there is a textbox for you to input the name. Then press save.

You unlock weapons and other stuff as you level up.

Not bad....

there were a few minor things wrong with it... the art wasn't that great, some of the option links were broken, weren't buttons or just plain didn't work, i also cringed when apparently 5 paratroopers were jumping out of spitfires... just out of interest, where were they supposed to fit?

not a bad effort though

One Button Wonder!

I don't think i've ever had so much fun just hitting one button before this...

One king stamping on filthy peons rather than letting them enter his castle... genius

the music really suited it too, the stomping sound effect made me happy, only thing i can really nit pick at are the graphics, but not so much as the style seemed to... fit... no other way to describe it, well done

element49 responds:

Thanks a lot, it wasn't supposed to be to serious of a game and I'm glad you took it as what it was and not what it should have been. I'm glad you liked it

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